The manager of SAMAS SA, owner of the accommodation "Villa Fioretta", would like to inform their dear customers that, after the final issuance of the health protocols by the Greek state in the framework of taking measures to deal with the COVID 19 corona, they have be aware of and are able to implement the proposed prevention measures in their entirety and optional, may adopte additional hygiene measures to ensure their health.

The special features of the location of the villa in a completely idyllic and secluded location, away from other homes and activities, ensure long distances from any possible center of infection. At the same time, the three nearby villages from which it is surrounded, are also, despite their special natural beauty, undeveloped tourist destinations and activities and therefore remain largely unaffected by external factors.

The nearby villas include many small secluded beaches accessible only by sea, which due to their small number of visitors ensure sufficient social distances. However, in several of the most cosmopolitan and well-known nearby beaches, the long coastline ensures that the required distances are observed.

The preventive measures that will be implemented in Villa, in short, are:

1) Collaborate with a doctor who will take care of any possible health problems, if such a need arises for our customers.

2) Training of accommodation coordinator and cleaning staff for the additional cleaning and disinfection needs required.

3) Ensuring a long interval between departure and arrival, at least eight hours to achieve effective cleaning-disinfection (departure until 10:00 am arrival after 18:00 pm) and long-term ventilation of the space.

4) Use a steam cleaner to disinfect sofas, mattresses, pillows, curtains before each new arrival.

5) Meticulous disinfection using special disinfectants in plugs, switches, knobs, remote controls, keys before each new arrival. Those of these that can be placed in packaging will be delivered within it.

6) Generalized annual maintenance at the beginning of the tourist season of the accommodation air conditioning units of the accommodation, according to health regulations and protocols and cleaning-disinfection of the filters of each air conditioning unit with special cleaning products, before each new arrival. Since the air conditioners are split units, there is no air circulation between the different areas of the accommodation.

7) Reception of our customers at their place of arrival (airport - port) during our usual practice and their escort at the car reception area (for their convenience and consultation with the office to avoid congestion) and their guidance at the villa, with compliance social distances and other safety measures (gloves-mask).

8) Optionally and upon request by customers disinfecting their luggage using a steam cleaner upon arrival at the site by the accommodation coordinator.

9) Provision and use of personal protective measures for the cleaning staff of the villa (work uniform, gloves, masks or face mask) and heat measurement before cleaning.

10) Ensuring conditions for non-contact of customers with the cleaning staff during the stay of the customers. The staff will enter the space using their own keys at predetermined hours after consultation with customers. During the cleaning inside the accommodation of the accommodation, no one will be present except the authorized staff.

11) Ensuring non-transmission of contamination between cleaning staff and customers using ecological air purifier (Dew air) with European certification of suitability and safe use at the entrance and before the exit of cleaning staff from any interior of the accommodation. This product protects against 99.99% of known germs, viruses and bacteria directly and evaporates from the space in a very short time.

12) Supply of customers from super market - crepolio-manaviko, as well as food delivery from the minigrill-gelateria of the village of Marmaros at their request without extra charge to avoid crowds.

13) Swimming pool cleaning according to health protocols.

In addition to the above, our customers who want to spend a significant part of their time in the accommodation in order to avoid any overcrowding, can cover much of their time in our fully equipped villa enjoying the sun in the pool where there are many sunbeds and outdoor seating. , to play "darts" and other spiritual games available for free (chess, backgammon, playing cards), to engage in daily eating activities in the fully equipped kitchen of the accommodation and the BBQ. Dvd-player, playstation, stereo, satellite internet smart-tv, books and videos (disinfected before arrival) will always be at their disposal. They can also be exercised in the new gym, which includes a power rack with Olympic barbell, a dip station and a warm-up or light exercise bench.

We believe that our accommodation will fully meet your needs for a relaxing, sunny and mainly safe vacation.