Customs and celebrations

You should definitely come to Corfu to watch customs, local fairs , music festivals and processions organized throughout the year in our beautiful island. You can be informed about these events through brochures and websites.However , you should be aware that the following stand out:


Carnival Season:

Carnival parades on various days during the Halloween with original costumes and Venician characters, masks and painted faces.

The custom of the "Petegoletsia" where Corkyraean women gossip local events in Corfu dialect in squares in the town of Corfu. The event is followed by mandolin serenades (Pancake Day 20/02/2014)

Central carnival parade. The carnival participants accuse and bring the “karnavalos” to trial for all the bad years and at the end of the parade they burn him and read his testament. Celebrations follow with dances and songs. (02/03/2014)

Dance of the Priests ", where the priest of the village and then the other men sing and dance in St. Basil’s square of the village “Episkepsi”. (02/03/2014)

«The wedding of Carnival", where in various villages, on the last Sunday of Carnival (02/03/2014) an alleged predator attempts to prevent the wedding ceremony (Groom and bride are men).


Easter Season:

Palm Sunday (13/04/2014), a large litany of St. Spyridon accompanied by philarmonic bands.

Holy Wednesday (16/04/2014), the municipal choir concert at the municipal theater

Good Friday (18/04/2014), epitaph procession accompanied by all bands all day

• Holy Saturday (19/04/2014), a large procession of St. Spyridon accompanied by all bands, followed by the custom of breaking the pots. In the evening there’s the Resurrection service followed by spectacular fireworks in the Esplanade square.


August 11, 2013

Litany of Saint Spyridon in the morning escorted by bands while at dusk we have the "Barcarole" which is a parade of decorated boats and floating platforms with guitars, folk songs, local dancers and performances on board , sailing along the coast of the city.


First Sunday in November

Glorification of the Saint to commemorate the salvation of the island of epidemic cholera and escorted procession of bands.


Christmas Season

Orchestras and choirs in various musical events at the Municipal Theatre of Corfu celebrate the Spirit of Christmas.


Summer season

• Numerous festivals in villages associated with religious celebrations

• Outdoor music events in various parts of the town of Corfu on a weekly basis.

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