Terms of use

Be certain to be in agreement with the terms and conditions herein after as the navigation and use of the electronic shop (e-shop) SAMAS SA signify their explicit and incoditional approval.


Terms of use
SAMAS SA keeps the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions of the e-shop according to their needs and customs. She is responsible for informing users to any changes via the e-shop and the official website.


Information and products
SAMAS SA is committed to the quality and validity of information presented on services provided, subject to technical inaccuracies or typographical problems unforeseen and / or unintended due to the interruption of the operation of the site.


Limit of liability
SAMAS SA does not charge to customers / users of damage that can be obtained by the execution of their orders or not. It also reserves the delivery time. The e-shop can not guarantee the availability of products but is responsible to inform its customers in time on the non-availability.

The e-shop SAMAS SA presents the content (information, names, images etc..), Services and products for sale "Such as they are."

In any case the e-shop has no responsibility for legal and / or civil and / or criminal in case of damage (positive or apotethique particular) who, as non-limiting indication, for the loss of earnings, of data, compensation of site visitors, the reasons related to the operation or not and whether to use the site, the default of providing the services and / or issued or even information by unauthorized intervention of third products and / or information available.


Copyright law
These electronic pages form the official website of the SAMAS SA company. Site content (images, photos, drawings, texts, services, products) belongs to the company and is protected by Greek law, EU law and international conventions.
It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, supply, transport, download, modify, sell the contents of the site.

Any reproduction, publication, advertisement, or in another form of the content of the site for commercial or other reasons is permitted following a written approval SAMAS SA through its legal representative.

The names, images and logo represent the website SAMAS SA and / or third party affiliates are exclusive and protect by law and European and international conventions Greek relating to trademarks, the copyright and industrial property . Under no circumstances appear on the site SAMAS SA can not be considered as a transfer or assignment of license or right to use.


Responsibility of users
Users of this site agree not to use the e-shop SAMAS SA to send, publish, transmit content illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, harmful, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, indecent, secret demonstrated hatred, racist distinction or national, can cause damage to minors.

Also, no information on industrial relations, copyright, trade secrets, the property, which contains viruses or codes that can destroy computers and equipment can not be third broadcast.


Links to other sites
SAMAS SA may contain links to other sites that inernet has no responsibility. The Company does not guarantee the secure and sustainable access to these sites and has no responsibility on the benefits and problems that can emerge from their use. The company is bound to these sites in any way.


Our e-shop recognizes the importance of secutity of your personal data and your electronic transactions and adopts all necessary measures and ert of the most advanced methods. Any information relating to your personal data and transactions is secret and secure.


Secret of transactions
Secret of transactions is obvious. Principles regissants conventional transactions are also applicable al e-shop. Any information provided by the user is confidential and the Company undertakes s' used as part of the services provided.


Some of the measures adopted are:
a. that employees have access to information module authorizes your transaction
b. SAMAS SA does not divilgue personal data of customers and their transactions without their written permission unless this is necessary following a prosecution or decision of a public authority.

You can always ask the retained data for correction.
For your safety, you must also use any information as confidential and secret and not divilgues third parties.
You can receive our catalogs, if you wish, by filing an application when you register as a member.


╬čther terms
The user / consumer member of the e-shop SAMAS SA declare, after reading the terms and coditions, he accepts incoditionnally and recognizes that they govern the totality of benefits SAMAS SA during its navigation in the site and / or when his transactions therewith.

Modification of Terms of Use
Terms of use may be mentiones modofies n 'any time without reason by the company without / or with prior notification. Each modification is valid from posting on the website of the Company.


Cancellation or invalidity of a term
In case of cancellation or invalidity of a term among mentiones, others remain valid.


Delay to exercise rights
The delay to exercise or rights from the Company or the consumer who comes / come by the terms of use does not mean his resignation and may be exercised (s) n 'anytime ulterierment according to the reasonable opinion of the beneficiary.


Jurisdiction - Applicable law
Each difference between users and consumers of e-shop SAMAS SA and the latter, al on the use of the site is determined by the court of the city of Corfu. For each relative difference al interpretation and application of the terms and conditions of use applies Greek law.