Introductory Courses: Make natural, handmade cosmetics and soaps using pure natural materials

Four-day period Introductory Courses about the production of natural cosmetics, at Villa Fioretta, all made of simple, pure natural materials.
The courses will be taught by Nektaria Vlassi and they are based on greek, traditional recipes which collected by hard practice for their improvement and the best results.


First day: Manufacture of soap based on olive oil.
Seminar about olive oil soap. Learn how to make wonderful scented soaps with the traditional method of saponification using olive oils as a key component.

1) Chemistry of saponification-indicators of saponification
2) Safety in handling caustic soda
3) Materials and equipment-cleaning
4) Vegetable oils- properties
5) Essential oils
6) Natural colorings
7) Cutting- cutting and storage of soap.

Second day: preparation of sun cream and moisturizing day cream, specific to the needs of your scarf skin, handmade with olive oil use, plant essential, natural fruit juice and herbal extracts.


Third day: preparation of natural liquid perfume or body lotion with alcohol and essential oils use, without chemical additives.


Fourth day: Preparation of curative remedies.
You can choose three of the below:
1) Heating remedy for cough
2) Remedy for general use (hydration, nourishof chapped hands, elbows, dry feet).
3) Lavender Remedy (for nourish, injuries, burn).
4) Chamomile Remedy (antimicrobial, antiiflammatory, suitable for colds, spreads to the chest).
5) Remedy for insect bites and redness. It relieves and treats the itch.

The seminars last about three hours per day. Written notes will also be given to the participants.


All cosmetics which will be prepared will be given to the participants.


At the end of the seminar, Nectaria will offer a basket full of her products to someone through lucky draw.


For the organization of these seminars required the participation of two people (at least).


Cost of the seminar:
2 people   700€
3 people   900€
4 people 1100€
5 people 1300€


Languages: English, French.