General concept of the workshop: To assist participants to create a variety of jewelry, and develop the ability to continue the craft independently.
Duration: Three days (approximately 4 hours per day) of theory and practice of jewelry making.
Participation: At least 2 participants are needed for the workshop to take place.

Languages: English, French and Italian


1st day: Metals: Brass, copper and alpaca will be cut, engraved, pierced and combined together using a few necessary tools. Other techniques used will be repousse and chasing.


2nd day : Beads :The beads will be used to make earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. All necessary clasps will be provided to finish the pieces.


3rd day : Plastic : The last but not least material to be used will be plastic, coming from used plastic bags. By ironing together various layers of plastic bags, participants will create fancy, ecological jewelry crafted according to personal taste and imagination.


Media : A kit will be provided with the necessary tools, metals, clasps and beads. These tools, along with the jewelry crated, will be the property of the participant at the conclusion of the workshop. This kit will cost 100€ per person and it covers all the necessary items, as sited above.


Cost :
A. For 2 people:    800€ plus cost of the kit
B. For 3 people:   1000€ plus cost of the kit
C. For 4 people:  1200€ plus cost of the kit
D. For 5 people:  1400€ plus cost of the kit
E. For 6 people:   1600€ plus cost of the kit

Instructor Matta is a retired teacher, who loves working with all forms of materials, creating unique art pieces as you can see at the pictures bellow here. You can find out about her work here.


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